Internship for US Students

TNF Service and Education Internship

TNF Service and Education Internship Programme link the American – Tamil children and youth with TNF Projects / Schools in Tamil Nadu (from an early age as early as kinder garden)
The period of visit ranges from few hours to two weeks of full pledged internship.

Objectives of this programme.

  • To link with their ancestral roots in Tamil Nadu through volunteering.
  • To enable the volunteers to learn through TNF’s educational and humanitarian projects in rural and urban Tamil Nadu.
  • To develop leadership quality and team building skills.
  • To provide the benefit of TNF’s 40+ years of track record in serving needy tamils.
  • To earn community service hours for school requirements.
  • To gain useful insight for college essays and college application process.

In the Past, Interns have volunteered in TNF adopted schools in Chennai, Namakkal, Sivagangai, Nagapattinam and Tiruchy Districts. More than 75 US born Tamil children and youth have been benefitted from TNF service and eduation internships since its inception from 2014.